A Race towards Human Flourishing

It is within the innate nature of the human race to develop and advance the well-being of the people through innovation & technology. The most recent stride that we have made as a human race was the digital revolutionโ€”one that has brought us right here, staring at our digital devices, able to communicate beyond the physical boundaries that have long been inaccessible to many.

The establishment of these tools & the new ways of life, however, does not equate to an improvement in quality of life. Indeed, any advancement for that matter, must be able to enhance and improve human relationships. To that aim then, education & technological advancement must go hand in hand.

With continuous reflection and adaptation, collaborative spirit to be team players, various stakeholders with each their own expertise must be taking a part of the solution for the 21st century challenges. This is the true spirit of life-long learning, not only pivotal in 21st century living, but far into the distant future. At the heart of it all, is the willingness to vulnerably admit one’s limitations against the big world with its accompanying complex issues. Collaborative spirit & life-long learning are truly one in its essence, the way towards solving real-world problems for a flourishing society.

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