We believe,

the true heart of education is relationship!

The true heart of education is relationship…
with God, self, others, and our surroundings. This is why education is life. And this is why cultivating relationships within our spheres of influence is the very heartbeat of living out our story.

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Holistic Approach

Lifelong Learners

Collaborative Spirit

Empowering Communities

Our values,

As an investment for the future, education must holistically prepare people to actively engage as problem solvers and team players in this 21st century.

Culture at Paideia

Our unique and dynamic culture is known as I-RATE, an expression we embrace and live by at Paideia. With a strong commitment, credible capabilities, and over 30 years of proven experience, we are committed to participating in the realization of holistic education concepts in Indonesia.

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The Faces Behind Our
Purposeful Endeavor!

Bu Connie Founder padeia

Dr. Connie Rasilim, B.Ed. M.Pd.

Founding President

CEO Paideia Pak Yoshua

Yoshua Sirait, B.Sc., M.Pd.

Founding CEO

Willy Rasilim Co-Founder, Chief Business Officer

Willy Rasilim, B.A, MBA.

Co-Founder, Chief Business Officer

Andre Christopher Rasilim Co-Founder, Chief Partnership Officer

Andre Christopher Rasilim, B.A.

Co-Founder, Chief Partnership Officer

Lia Yuliana Chief Financial Officer & HR

Lia Yuliana

Chief Financial Officer & HR

Rizky Wahyudi IT Director

Rizky Wahyudi, scwcd.

IT Director

Hizkia Sasangka Jati Product Development Manager

Hizkia Sasangka Jati, S.Pd., B.Sc.

Product Development Manager

Ryan Oktapratama Curiculum & Content Manager

Ryan Oktapratama, B.Ed., M.Pd.

Curiculum & Content Manager

Michael Legal & Operation Manager

Michael, S.E.

Legal & Operation Manager

Marini Fibriani Finance & Accounting Manager

Marini Fibriani, B.Sc., M.Pd.

Finance & Accounting Manager