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Unlock the Power of Google’s for Digital Transformation

Integrate Google Workspace to support your school digital transformation program

With over 30 years of total experience in education, Paideia stands as Google Partner to meet the digital transformation needs in Indonesia.

Much has been accomplished, but there are still more untapped needs.
Indeed, to prepare Generasi Emas 2045 requires continuous collaboration!

Google Technology for the Advancement of Education in Indonesia

Our Team...

Pass and certify as a Google Certified Trainer

Implement Google for Education solutions in schools or educational institutions

Design and develop training programs to support education using Google tools

Assist schools or educational institutions in adopting and
optimizing Google tools according to their needs

Provide technical support and consultation to users in educational environments

Digital Transformation Programs

Google for Education

Pilihan Google Workspace for Education

Education Standard

Strengthen your security and data capabilities with visibility, control, and analytics to proactively support a safer digital learning environment.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade
Enhance the learning impact through expanded video communication, enriched classroom experiences, and integrated tools for classroom efficiency.

Education Plus

Empower your school community with the most comprehensive solution to create a more effective and integrated learning environment.

Digital Transformation

Training Packages

Level A

Basic Level Training

  • Unit 1: Utilize Digital Technology in Learning

  • Unit 2: Expand Access to Help and Learning

  • Unit 3: Have a (Mostly) Paperless Classroom

  • Unit 4: Save Time Communicating

  • Unit 5: Organize Activities with Digital Technology

The products will be covered:

Level B

Intermediate Level Training

  • Unit 6: Bring Meetings Online

  • Unit 7: Online Assessment and Evaluation
  • Unit 8: Online Assessment and Evaluation
  • Unit 9: Build Interactive Lessons

  • Unit 10: Captivate Class with Video

Certified Google Educator Level 1 Preparation Course

Bonus: Discount voucher for Google Certified Educator Level 1 for 20% participants

The products will be covered:

Level C

Advanced Level Training

  • Unit 11: Organize Class and School Materials More Effectively

  • Unit 12: Teach Beyond the Four Walls of Classroom

  • Unit 13: Harness the Power of Google for Research

  • Unit 14: Give Students a Voice
  • Unit 15: Use Advanced Features to Optimize Workflow

Certified Google Educator Level 2 Preparation Course
Guidance towards Google Reference School

Bonus: Discount voucher for Google Certified Educator Level 2 for 5% participants

The products will be covered: