Transformasi Digital

Digital Transformation Accelerating Organizational Change

How to keep moving forward amidst global technological challenges

Without a clear plan, school digitization can be very exhausting

Many issues seem to persistently haunt every stakeholder in schools when it comes to digital transformation. What steps need to be taken, what investments need to be made, and what strategies should be implemented?

Focus Areas for Digital Transformation

Leadership & Policies

Digital transformation requires a clear vision-mission and strategic planning.

Unique Potentials

Uncovering and developing unique potentials within the organization, including the development of existing human resources.


Creating a positive culture that consistently seeks growth, and is flexible and adaptive.

Smart Environment

Adjustment between infrastructure and available supporting media to achieve transformation goals.

Data & Roadmap

Utilizing data for decision-making, as well as mapping the desired transformation journey.

Collaborative Transformation in 4 Steps