Chromebook Procurement


Maximize the digitization of your school or organization with Chromebook.
Achieve more than you ever imagined

Chromebook is designed to support your daily life

Built on ChromeOS, Google’s designed operating system, Chromebook starts up quickly, updates everything automatically, and is never susceptible to viruses, so you can always do what you love – interruption-free.

Why a Chromebook?

Laptops specifically designed for digital-based learning

Lightweight and durable
Laptops crafted specifically for students

Booting process is exceptionally fast,

long battery life for the entire day

Designed for

simplicity, affordability, and security

Chrome OS

A custom-built operating system by Google, with a simple user interface, fast performance, and ease of use

Google Workspace

Integrated with Google Workspace. Anywhere, anytime, on any device, it helps you maximize productivity

Work, Create & Play

A wide range of available applications allows you to enhance productivity and express yourself limitlessly.

Tailored to Your Needs

It's a fast, secure, intelligent, user-friendly device with cloud-based storage and a minimalist, stylish design.


Automatic virus protection, sandboxing, and built-in security chip keep your information safe.

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