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For Paideia, the true heart of education is relationship, thus, people come first before any plans, projects or programs. The right question then is, Who is Paideia? We are a team of passionate and resourceful individuals, who is wholeheartedly working towards living out a holistic education in Indonesia, through nurturing and partnering with other stakeholders strategically. We believe this is the most effective way of developing problem solvers and team players, so critically needed to live ready for this 21st century. We look forward to partnering with you, so that together, we can equip and empower the people of Indonesia towards GENERASI EMAS 2045!

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As part of our consultancy process, we will have an initial consultation where we will sit down with you to understand your unique needs. One or more members of the Paideia team will discuss with you at this stage and it is entirely free! Please visit this link for a complete information.